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Friday, October 9, 2015



its been a long time for not written anything here. and so am i writing something today. yeayyyy!!! enjoy sorang-sorang.

so now i have been pursuing my degree in medicine. yup! thats what i really to do so. i want to become an obgyn. lalalalla. cliche people and doc ambitions. am no fun at all! so what am been thru this a month of medic students life?

its a little harsh and hard and mess and stressful and BOOKS!!!

medic student and tones of thick books is best friends. and im kinda still trying to makes all of them my bff right now. yes , am still in adapting stage. where right now i tend to have a doubt on what am doin, am i doing it right or wrong, am i reading the correct books, shud i read this part, is this will come out on exam, shud i memorise this, and question goes on and on and on. ni adaptation process is tiring me off.

i barely breathe. class starts at 8am and usually ends and 5pm. just having gaps for lunch and zuhr. only have some few days which i call sympathy days where my class maybe just 1-2.

but this is reality. you cannot be in comfort zone all the time. wake up and try to do something new and adventurous everyday.

make a new friends. motivate yourself everyday. you might fail somedays but stand up, build your spirit and pat on your back say YOU CAN DO THIS. remember this life is just temporary so do everything and try all the things in this world while you still breathing.

chin up!!


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