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Sunday, May 5, 2013

just do the best


okey as everyone know that this year ! this 2013 ! i am spm candidate! batch 96!! we will rock the world bebeyh!!  as spm is like no-no joke for all of us! we strive the best to get straight 9A+ and many more A+'s for those who are really crazy to live in lotssss and lotssss and lotsssss subject! its not a burden yet not enjoyment but its a lifeless! well if you manage to study 24/7 maybe its okay for you to take infinity subject! but for me! who are lazybug! totally can't stand with lotsss subject!! *serious talk*. this 9 subject pun dah nyawa-nyawa ikan. lagilah kalau ada added subject. i cannot imagine what i am going to look like! maybe a pathethis zombie! NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO

yeahhhhh!! this is the wordddd... just keep calm and strive for 9A+. keep calm means not just sit down,shake your leg, eat and sleep but not doing any effort! totally WRONG DEFINITION! keep calm means study in calming mood. no need to rush but keep studying and practising and revising. just when the day come you know that you have put your effort on it and let ALLAH arrange for you the rest. :)


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