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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pening ngan kerja sekolah

musim cuti come again..most of us love holidays can rest..can sleep till the next morning..can shopping until muflis..hahaha...can watch movies kat wayang without ignoring the time..can do anything cuz it holiday..but a little ppl hates holidays plus holidays yang added nan holiday means work yg melambak..naik juling woo~~~dan itulah yg happen dkt aq this time..rite now!! so conclusionyer aqlah org2 yg tergolong dlm kalangan little ppl tht hates holidays..cuz ad holiday sampingan..n i very2 hate it..u oll know why? cuz holiday lah!! wake-up lah!! x kan holiday pon nx bz like school days..enough r school day only i da bz like a bee mother ok..continue later home work got to do..ergh!!

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