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Friday, June 3, 2011

on the way finish up my assignment

alrite its 3.6.11 now.. and i'm suffer with all the work that i've got to done before holidays end..mata da kuyu aj tgk screen..boring and tired..all pack in one..kalah student uni yg nx siapkan thesis dorang.. i think this is the toughest task tht i ever got..argh!! world...pity to me a little bit please... i even dun have time to enjoy u know.. wut the worklah...i guess all my friends olso blom done rite..cuz u olls still can live happily ever not after with online facebook all the time..enjoy lepak-lepak kat cs r jusco all still can smile like mc donald and still can watch movies tu-ni.. i dah mcm hantu kak limah dah tak nak pergi mana-mana...juz get my release tension last nite when i'm watching YOU SAKA PERGI JAUH-JAUH with my brother,mother and my aunty..serius laughing like pontianak cari anak... serius lawak giler r..then. start grrr~~ back when i'm start my work today...oh..please more nice to me..give me the insprition to type wutlah...crazy damn shit ppl taw...

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