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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the life


another entry for this day. nampak tak betapa boringnya aku. walaupun homework menimbun. ennnnmmmmmm macam tak ada seru nak buat homework. lalalllalalalalalala. watlek ah japgi aku start buat eh.

tajuk entry kali ni macam poyos sikit kan. well this is it. dah lama tak buat matured entry. most of my entry are like poyo + budak-budakkan. now lets call my maturnity come back home! actually what im gonna share ni rasanya semua orang macam dah gone through dah kot. kotlahkan

everyone ada ups and downs in life. same goes to me. i guess this 2013 are very challenging year. well i've been through to much downs rather than ups moment. i dont know is it a test from Allah or just me mess up the things turn bad!

sepanjang 8 bulan ni dah berapa banyak kali aku sakit hati. my heart break into pieces even million pieces. i cry even tiny little things pun aku nangis. i dont know why this year my heart is sooooooo fragileeeee and im turn into a sensitive person nowadays! angin spm mungkin. tapi dulu masa nak pmr tak adalah pulak macam ni. haihhhh...

heart break? hmmm dah macam every second kot my heart been break my people around me. i dont either they do that with intention or not. but who cares one even knows that my heart break.

happiness yeah for sure! but it will come sooner or later after my heart been break. i have to wait for sooooooo long! that is what we call as life. sooo much happens but we are strong enough to face for it because creator will never challenge us more than we can face it :)

another things i have learn is dont easily trust people. because they might your friend today and your enemy tomorrow. who knows? no one except ALLAH!


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