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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

13 signs yo are falling in love


haha...tajuk mcm jiwang gilerkan..mmg pun..lantaklah...hari ni tak nak cerita pasal exam..nak cerita pasal love-love pulak..korang pernah bercinta?? ya pernah tu kan..hah sama tak dgn ap yg aein tulis hari ni..kalau yg belum pernah korang bce ajelah..mana tahu lepas bce ni 2-3 saat lepas tu..jumpa mamat bangla korang terus jatuh cinta ke..hahah..gurau je ok!!


13. u can't stay MAD at him for more than a minutes

12. you'll wil read his SMS over n over agian

11. you'll walk really SLOW while u're with him

10. u'll feel really SHY whenever u're with him

9. while THINKING about him ,, ur HEART will beat faster n faster

8. by LISTENING to his voice ,, u'll smile for no reason

7. while LOOKING at him ,, u can't see the other people around u . u can only see THAT person

6. u'll start listening to SLOW song

5. he becomes ALL u THINK about

4. u'll get HIGH just by HIS smell

3. u'll R.E.A.L.I.Z.E that u're always SMILING to urself when u think of him

2. u'll do ANYTHING for him

1. while READING this ,, there was ONE person on ur MIND the whole time

ha!! sama x?? kalau tak sama lantaklah...aein rasa sama aje dgn ape yg aein rasa bila aein fall in love..huhuh..bye!!


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