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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

life got sweetness itself


weehoo...sihat ke semua? ok2..hari ni..nak kongsi storylah ciket..ciket aj..x bnyk pun..hhaa..ok..LIFE GOT SWEETNESS ITSELF? hapekah itu..dun wurry..dun wurry..u will know soon..ok..pernah x korang ckp hidup ni x adil is unfair? have you? if are absolutely wrong..100% know why? is so meaningful to all,LIFE GOT SWEETNESS ITSELF..maybe you tak notice SWEETNESSnyer tu..but trust me babes there is always SWEETNESS in your daily LIFE..alright...sometimes you feel stress with chores/homework etcetc...actually it is SWEET..mesti korang kata mcm ni "x betul agaknyer aein ni.." haha..dun worry babes..stress tu nikmat kehidupan tau..kalau you tak tak rasa stress..betu tak? soo SWEET tak LIFE ni? belum lagi? ok tape-tape..try anther got new handphone..tak kisahlah ap brand pun..3310 pun still handphone rite..wut did you feel? takkan sedih kut? of courselah prove that LIFE GOT SWEETNESS ITSELF...tapi normally ppl always think that..only happy matter aj yg ad SWWET mcm caramel..yg sad-sad pahit cm hempedu..WRONG!! silap besar..yang sad-sad pun SWEET..just korang aj suka face it no matter wut happEn in our LIFE..either seronok ke tak seronok still LIFE rite..just raise ur hands and say ALHAMDULILLAH..cuz ALLAH still give us chance to breathe in this pretty-pretty much world..


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